Ukraine Is Doing a Crypto Airdrop

Donors earn rewards

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On March 1st, Ukraine announced an airdrop for anyone who made a crypto donation for the country. “Airdrop confirmed. Snapshot will be taken tomorrow, on March 3rd, at 6pm Kyiv time (UTC/GMT +2 hours).” Ukraine has received over $30 million in crypto donations in the last week. This is a relatively small number compared to donations made directly through organizations or through war bonds. That being said, Ukraine is still using an airdrop as an incentive to get more people to donate with crypto.

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Anyone can make donations with crypto, whether they’re using an exchange or a wallet. There’s no middleman, you know exactly where your money is going, and don’t have to worry about an organization taking part of it, or not using it. In the big picture, $30 million isn’t a lot for a country at war, but also, every penny counts. Airdrops are intended as a reward. It’s really a “thank you” from the developers to anyone the earliest adopters of their projects.

Airdrops are becoming increasingly common. Normally, are given to users of dApps or people who get into an NFT drop early. The creators of the project will send an NFT or a certain amount of digital tokens to any of the wallets included in the “snapshot”. What’s significant about what Ukraine is doing is this is an actual country doing an airdrop. Not only that, but it’s also a really smart idea to get more donations. There’s a way where they can do the airdrop for free, so the Ukraine isn’t actually spending any money on it. This airdrop gives the added incentive for people to donate before the snapshot’s taken.


This is a big sign of increasing adoption. The eyes of the world are focused on the Ukraine, and now they’re doing a crypto airdrop. Airdrops are a great way to give rewards, and they’re super easy too because the recipient’s just get them sent to their wallet, and that’s it! It’s even easier than depositing a check at the bank.

Crypto is coming to the aid of a country during it’s time of need. It’s still unclear whether Ukraine’s airdrop will be a token or NFTs. Whatever it ends up being, it shows that people are willing to help in others time of need, and crypto technology makes that easier to do.


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