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    Here’s what Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Instagram’s cryptocurrencies will look like—and why they’re bad ideas

    Don’t shoot the messaging apps

    Facebook is working on their own currency: a stablecoin, pegged to a mainstream currency. It will likely get rolled out first to users of WhatsApp, which could use this currency to send money to friends and family instantly. But will the currency they ultimately use have any value outside of the platform?

  • The world we were guaranteed because of Bitcoin (via Pixabay).
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    Bitmain proves Bitcoin’s environmental threat was overblown

    Bitmain’s latest numbers and change in one index makes the future not as bleak

    Remember when Bitcoin’s energy consumption was going to destroy the world? It turns out that the planet’s demise at the hands of crypto miners may have been greatly exaggerated. Bitmain’s recent financial filings and a new change in in how a much-touted number, the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, is calculated should allay fears that crypto will singlehandedly destroy our planet.

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    Abra adds other features, but…

    App announced this week they will start letting customers make small stock and ETF purchases

    On Wednesday, Abra said its app will use the Bitcoin blockchain and smart contracts technologies to support fractional investments in stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Abra already offers the ability to “invest” in 50 fiat currencies and over 30 cryptocurrencies. This app is also very bad and we really love talking about it.