• Ripple Temenos power Flowbank

    Ripple partner Temenos to power Swiss digital investment bank FlowBank

    Swiss bank FlowBank will leverage RippleNet for settlements, thanks to its partnership with banking software firm Temenos

    FlowBank will offer online banking, trading services, credit cards and investment, all manageable through a mobile application and a dedicated trading platform. Now, through its partnership with Temenos, FlowBank will also leverage Ripple’s blockchain for its interbank settlements.

  • Ripple launches XRP loans

    Ripple launches XRP loans for customers

    Ripple’s new “Line of Credit” tool helps firms put working capital to use in multiple markets without arranging credit everywhere

    Ripple explains that many financial technology firms and small and medium enterprises do not have the capital and resources that are needed to grow in several markets—an issue the service is trying to solve. Right now, companies in such situations are forced to create credit arrangements for each partner in each destination market, and every arrangement adds overhead and management costs.

  • Larsen Ripple leave US
    People,  Ripple

    Chris Larsen: Ripple thinking about leaving U.S.

    Speaking at a conference, the international payments firm’s co-founder said unfriendly regulations are driving Ripple to consider moving its headquarters

    Ripple co-founder and executive chairman Chris Larsen said on Oct. 6 the international payments firm is considering moving out of the U.S. due to unfriendly regulations.  Speaking at the LA Blockchain Summit today, Larsen said the message sent by the U.S. regulatory regime in its current state is that blockchain and digital currencies “are not welcome in the U.S.” He added, “if you want to be in this business, you probably should be going somewhere else.” San Francisco-based Ripple is considering that, Larsen said: “I’ll be honest with you. We’re even looking at relocating our headquarters to a much more friendly jurisdiction… and that’s a shame.” He cited the U.K., Switzerland, Singapore,…

  • Ripple wins big
    Regulation,  Ripple,  XRP

    Ripple scores big win over weekend

    Judge throws out nearly all of the claims in a class action suit calling XRP an unregistered security illegally and fraudulently sold by Ripple

    On Friday night, a major ruling in the class-action suit against Ripple came out and it was a clear victory for the San Francisco-based blockchain payments firm – a clean win on two of the three issues before the judge, plus a near-win on the third.

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