• Spend your crypto
    Cryptocurrencies,  Innovators

    ‘Crypto-powered’ storefront was a misleading letdown

    If you can’t have a crypto store at BlockShow, then where can you?

    This year’s BlockShow saw some 3,000 attendees flock to Berlin to hear the latest and greatest about the wide world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and we were pleased to see the event host a designated “Spend Your Crypto Here” zone. By all external appearances, it was a place where you could exchange your bitcoin, ether, or other cryptocurrency for t-shirts and conference knick-knacks. Among a tech-savvy crowd of this size, it made loads of sense to offer such a crypto-enabled storefront. Finally, a place where it was perfectly normal to pay with digital currency! Then we asked the booth attendant which kinds of crypto she would accept in exchange…

  • Blockchain project jobs
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    Why it’s so hard to hire anyone working on blockchain tech

    Blockchain experts have a hard time calling anyone ‘boss’

    Modern Consensus was on the ground in Berlin for BlockShow, a two-day festival boasting thousands of attendees, each one there to expand their understanding of blockchain technology and meet some A-list crypto-players. Between the public on-stage panels and the private conversations we had with attendees, one theme cropped up consistently: it’s hard to acquire the talent and human resources necessary to take a large or small company into the new blockchain-enabled future. We know the song all the crypto-kids sing: blockchain technology isn’t just about powering bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it’s a “new internet” setting a higher standard for how information moves and is validated around the world. This stuff…

  • West Virginia's capitol building
    United States

    The United States just held its first blockchain-enabled elections

    West Virginia lays claim to the most technologically savvy voting process held in America

    In the wake of its federal primary elections last week, West Virginia now bears the distinction of having hosted the country’s first blockchain-enabled voting process. If you’re just tuning in, this was a relatively lightweight application of blockchain voting technology. This technologically-enabled voting process was limited to eligible UOCAVA voters (“Uniformed and Overseas Absentee Voting Act”) and their families in two West Virginia counties: Harrison and Monongalia. That said, the ability to vote using a mobile app had some serious appeal for those who were eligible. It was facilitated by Boston-based technology company Voatz, and a company spokesperson filled us in on how it all went. “One particular overseas voter…

  • Crypto TV
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    Here comes the first broadcast TV show about cryptocurrency

    The “Crypto Crow” goes mainstream

    A successful YouTube series about cryptocurrency is about to hit conventional airwaves. Jason Appleton is better known to his 73,000 YouTube subscribers as “the Crypto Crow,” a plain-spoken cryptocurrency personality who carefully hedges that he does not provide financial advice. Instead he helps his audience navigate the big, wide world of cryptocurrency at large. Now that he’s used some of his money to buy his way into conventional airwave broadcast with CBS Television Networks, Appleton’s brand of crypto know-how will see mainstream broadcast on a number of local CBS and CW television networks, as well as on Roku streaming devices. With the first episodes slated to air this June, his…