• digital yuan internal testing
    Politics,  Technology

    Digital yuan faces internal testing ahead of full-scale deployment

    Having passed limited roll-outs in seven cities including Beijing and Hong Kong, China’s digital currency is undergoing full-scale internal testing ahead of a broader launch

    “The internal testing is mainly to test the technical reliability and maturity of the digital currency," said Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the PBoC. "The internal test requires that the digital currency should only run within a very clear boundary, which is quite demanding for the test scenario.”

  • ransomware attack kills hospital patient

    German ransomware attack kills hospital patient

    A female patient’s death may have been the first fatality attributable to this kind of cybersecurity attack

    On Sept. 9, a ransomware attack took over the hospital’s computer systems, making them inoperable. A female patient scheduled for a lifesaving procedure had to be transferred to another hospital 19 miles away in Wuppertal. She died during the trip.

  • Venezuela centralizes bitcoin mining
    Bitcoin,  Politics

    Venezuela centralizes bitcoin mining

    A new decree by the economically devastated country would force all Bitcoin miners into a national pool, with mining rewards distributed by the government

    The Venezuelan government’s ideology of centralized control of the economy has led to its collapse into hyperinflation. Now Nicolas Maduro’s regime is bringing that philosophy to the decentralized world of Bitcoin mining.

  • Craig Wright going to trial

    Craig Wright is going to trial

    After two years, the preliminaries in Ira Kleiman’s $10 billion lawsuit against the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto are over and the argument is heading to a jury

    Wright, chief scientist of nChain and genuinely father of the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, has long claimed to be Nakamoto, which would give him possession of the 1.1 million BTC. While virtually no one in the cryptocurrency industry believes his claim, the estate of Wright’s late partner at the time those bitcoins were mined in the project’s early days, Dave Kleiman, does and wants half.

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