• The Blockchain Deathmatch at SXSW in action. From left to right: University of Texas at Austin's Cesare Fracassi, IBM OpenTech’s Christopher Ferris, St. Mary’s University School of Law's Angela Walch, and Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song (photo by Omar L. Gallaga for Modern Consensus).
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    ‘Deathmatch’ panel on private versus public blockchain heats up at South by Southwest

    Arguments over what it means to be truly decentralized

    A panel over the future of walled-garden blockchain nodes versus so-called “permissionless” blockchain stopped short of getting personal, but was still more contentiously vocal than most talks at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. It included IBM OpenTech’s Christopher Ferris, a computer scientist and author of the company’s Blockchain Pulse blog; St. Mary’s University School of Law professor Angela Walch, who is also a research fellow at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London; and Jimmy Song, a venture partner for Blockchain Capital, Bitcoin Core developer, and author.