Bison Trails supports cosmos
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Bison Trails now supports Cosmos

Customers will be able to quickly launch Cosmos full nodes, making it easier to participate in the ecosystem’s interoperable Tendermint-based blockchains

Blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails announced has announced support for blockchain ecosystem Cosmos.

The Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem is made up of a number of Tendermint-based blockchains, including Agoric, Band Protocol, Binance Chain, Kava, Terra, and Thorchain. 

According to a March 4 announcement, Bison Trails will offer its customers the ability to use its infrastructure to stake and delegate their tokens and earn passive income from transaction fees and validator rewards on their holdings while securing the decentralized network.

The Bison Trails announcement follows the recent “Stargate” protocol upgrade which rendered the blockchains operating in the ecosystem interoperable with cross-chain token transfers, atomic swaps, multi-chain smart contracts, and various kinds of data sharding.

The firm’s CEO Joe Lallouz said he believes this update will significantly increase the blockchain’s value by strengthening the entire ecosystem as “an interoperable blockchain environment holds tremendous potential to expand the use cases and reach of existing applications, as well as encouraging broader sharing, community building, and open innovation.”

Bison Trails will allow its customers to launch Cosmos full nodes, archival nodes, and light client support. This service is also expected to make node deployment much faster than it was previously, given that the firm launched a node synchronization service that is reportedly 100 times faster last month.

“Making it easier for multiple parties to participate through block production and read-write infrastructure is key to strengthening the blockchain ecosystem,” said Bison Trails’ chief technology officer, Aaron Henshaw. “By supporting Stargate, the most recent Cosmos Hub upgrade, we are proud to be part of the realization of the original white paper and look forward to supporting the continued growth of this vibrant platform, as well as the broader Tendermint ecosystem.”

The staking nodes are secured with hardware security modules that hold the private keys, rendering them inaccessible in the case of a hack. Private QT clusters allow customers to validate transactions, and manage transfers and smart contracts across the Cosmos ecosystem, deployed and managed for the customer.

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