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Crypto token lets owners ‘direct’ adult videos

More like Satoshi Make-a-porno, amirite?!

It’s like bitcoin, if bitcoin were specifically designed for transacting within the adult industry.

Adult entertainment studio VogoV is introducing a crypto-token that merges the blockchain with pornography. Spearheaded by veteran adult performer Markus Dupree (who holds AVN awards like “best orgy” and “most outrageous sex scene”), the company’s OGO token grants holders discounts on porn products, getting them into three different paid membership sites at one-third their usual cost. The tokens simultaneously function as “votes” for the studio’s production decisions, letting you select an unproduced adult film’s cast, setting, and scenario. This means you could use OGO tokens to kinda-sorta co-direct a porno.

“One of our main goals is to simplify and proliferate the usage and acceptance of cryptocurrency in the industry,” said Constantine MacMillan, VogoV co-founder and token sale manager. To hear him explain it, the porn world has a lot to gain from crypto, and we’re not just talking about consumer privacy. We’re talking about reshaping the way money has moved through the adult industry since the first porn appeared online.

VogoV’s OGO token levels the payments playing field, avoiding the higher-than-average fees that porn companies typically pay to process credit card transactions—5 to 6 percent, approximately three times more than what a conventional business would pay. The industry standard also involves the use of third-party payment gateways, which are extremely secure, but extremely expensive; their fees can be as high as 13 percent. These numbers might make the difference between a studio being profitable or non-profitable, but blockchain technology makes it a non-issue while always keeping privacy paramount.

If you made broad use of OGO Coin, you could play a creative role in producing a porn film, buy that film at a reduced price while the studio keeps more money, and enjoy it without anyone being the wiser.

It might be the most 2018 thing of 2018.

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