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    Crypto token lets owners ‘direct’ adult videos

    More like Satoshi Make-a-porno, amirite?!

    It’s like bitcoin, if bitcoin were specifically designed for transacting within the adult industry. Adult entertainment studio VogoV is introducing a crypto-token that merges the blockchain with pornography. Spearheaded by veteran adult performer Markus Dupree (who holds AVN awards like “best orgy” and “most outrageous sex scene”), the company’s OGO token grants holders discounts on porn products, getting them into three different paid membership sites at one-third their usual cost. The tokens simultaneously function as “votes” for the studio’s production decisions, letting you select an unproduced adult film’s cast, setting, and scenario. This means you could use OGO tokens to kinda-sorta co-direct a porno. “One of our main goals is…

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