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Loser.com now points to Craig Wright’s Wikipedia page

One of the Internet’s best trolls previously took aim at presidents and musicians before targeting self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright has joined the ranks of illustrious citizens formally declared losers by a man who has been called the Internet’s best troll. The website loser.com now redirects to nChain founder and self-declared Bitcoin creator Craig Wright’s Wikipedia page. Wright was nearly jailed last week after throwing a document while on the stand in a Florida courtroom, in a case that could prove if he is the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.

Loser.com was run by a South Carolinian named Billy Connelly as recently as 2016, according to a Washington Post article. Connelly, who said he has owned the site for more than 20 years, has at times pointed it Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, Vice President Al Gore, and 21-time Grammy Award winner Kanye West. The later received the big L for criticizing Beck’s music, which Connelly is a fan of, according to the Post. Beck’s biggest hit was 1994’s “Loser.”

Wright is being sued by the brother of his late partner, Dave Kleiman. The Kleiman estate believes it is owed half of a $11.4 billion cache of bitcoins mined after the first cryptocurrency was launched in 2009.Those 1.1 million bitcoins (BTC) are supposedly held in the Tulip Trust.

Many in the cryptocurrency community believe the Tulip Trust holds bitcoins mined by Nakamoto shortly after its blockchain went live. Making even a small transfer from that cache would go a long way towards silencing people in the cryptocurrency community who have called Wright’s claim to be Nakamoto a lie. Wright has said in court that the Tulip Trust is encrypted in a way that prevents him from opening it until 2020.

Wright has spent much of the past year threatening to sue and recently actually suing several people who have publicly denied his claim to be Nakamoto. 

The claim has had an impact on the bitcoin fork currency he has backed, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was delisted from several major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance and Kraken, after Wright filed his first libel lawsuit in April. That one targeted  “What Bitcoin Did” podcast host Peter McCormack, following a Twitter battle.

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