CoinMarketCap launches education portal

CoinMarketCap launches education portal

CoinMarketCap Alexandria offers information and advice for crypto newbies, fledgling buyers, and experienced investors

Crypto price-tracking site CoinMarketCap is getting into the education business with the launch of its CMC Alexandria portal.

A knowledge site opened on Sept. 2, CMC Alexandria is aimed at three types of users: crypto-novices, fledging investors, and more experienced traders.

CoinMarketCap launches education portal
CoinMarketCap is getting into the education business (Photo: CoinMarketCap)

Founded in 2013, CMC is taking another step in its recent moves to grow beyond its role as a data aggregator and price tracker. In July, the company launched Headlines, a news feed drawn from a curated selection of industry news sites—including Modern Consensus. 

Named for the Great Library of Alexandria, CMC Alexandria has three sections, along with an industry glossary. 

The first, Crypto Basics, is for newbies and contains articles like “What Are Cryptocurrencies?” and “Is Cryptocurrency Anonymous?” 

The information goes beyond simple “what is” and “how to” features, however. There is also advice—“Should I Get My Salary in Crypto” recommends caution, advising readers that if they “are really interested in cryptocurrencies and your employer is willing to pay in cryptocurrency, perhaps taking a small percentage of your salary in crypto (as much as you are willing to risk!) will give you an understanding of how comfortable you are being paid in digital currency.”

For people who are ready to dip their toes in the cryptocurrency pond, the How-To Guides section contains articles like “How to Keep Your Crypto Safe” and “How to Send Bitcoin.”

For more advanced investors, Tech Deep Dives gives in-depth information on topics affecting the industry: “A Dive into Bitcoin Futures” and “A Dive into Ethereum 2.0.”

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