• old German bank launches crypto

    200-year-old German bank launching crypto services

    No fusty old institution, Donner & Reuschel announced that it will start with crypt custody and purchases and hopes to move into asset tokenization

    The reason given by the bank for the launch of the new products is simple: high market demand. “We have been observing the digital assets market for quite some time and are convinced of the potential of blockchain technology with regard to classic securities transactions,” said a spokesperson.

  • Bitcoin

    Citi: Bitcoin at a ‘tipping point’

    A new report reveals that the bank believes that Bitcoin may be on the verge of mainstream adoption

    Given its advantages in global payments—including the decentralized design, lack of foreign exchange exposure, the ability to make money far faster and cheaper than current systems, and that it offers secure payment channels and traceability—the report concludes that “Bitcoin's global reach and neutrality could spur it to become the currency of choice for international trade.”

  • interview meltem demirors
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    It’s time for crypto to stop thinking small: An interview with Meltem Demirors

    The outspoken chief strategy officer of CoinShares believes the crypto community has forgotten it willed Bitcoin into reality, worries government-issued stablecoins will kill privacy, and explains why she ‘could give two fucks’ about JPMorgan

    “I think our aspirations are so small. Making Bitcoin institutional? I could give two fucks if JPMorgan cares about Bitcoin. It does nothing for me as a person, and it makes me sad that so many people have made institutional adoption a goal," Demirors said.

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    Bitcoin awareness still lags among Blacks, Hispanics and women: Report

    A survey found 80% of white respondents are aware of Bitcoin, compared to 66% of Hispanic and 61% of Black participants. Women also lag

    Data showed that 78% of male survey respondents reported being aware of Bitcoin, compared to 71% of females. While that’s surprisingly good, given crypto’s reputation for being male-dominated, the numbers were far worse when it came to actual involvement in the cryptocurrency world. When limiting the sample to respondents who called themselves engaged with Bitcoin, the company found the numbers were 86% male to 14% female.