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    Markets Report: Bitcoin Falls on Biden Inauguration Amid Warning Stimulus is ‘Long-Term Negative’

    A subdued start of the new presidency comes as bullishness broadly fades from cryptocurrency markets

    The hours prior to Biden’s inauguration saw a rebound in a previously declining U.S. dollar, something which came in tandem with BTC/USD cementing daily losses of 7%. The largest cryptocurrency had previously spent the week ranging slightly higher, with speculation rife that a breakout was due but that the direction it could take was unclear.

  • Biden Gensler run SEC
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    Biden makes it official: Gary Gensler will run SEC

    The MIT professor spearheading crypto and finance collaboration will lead the Securities and Exchange Commission, President-elect Joe Biden confirmed

    In a Jan. 18 announcement, the Biden Transition Team highlighted Gensler’s history of leading financial markets reform going back more than 20 years. This included two years as senior advisor to Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-MD) in writing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a major financial reform bill that came in the wake of a number of major financial scandals, including Enron.

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    Hunting Crypto Whales

    Forbes’ latest foray into the world of crypto billionaires doesn’t harpoon many

    This year Forbes instead aimed to rank those whose crypto holdings were the largest, which is a difficult endeavor. It turns out that most people are not keen to disclose the most intimate details of their financial holdings. While citing only four holders of cryptocurrency recently worth more than $1 billion, Forbes writes, “Along the way, some crypto investors have gotten very rich. At least five have recently crossed into the billionaire ranks, possibly quite a few more.”

  • Gemini crypto-back credit card

    Gemini to offer a credit card with crypto-back rewards

    The New York-based exchange’s credit card will allow its users to earn up to 3% back in Bitcoin or other crypto assets on every purchase they make

    "The Gemini Credit Card will make it easier for any consumer to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptos without changing their existing behavior,” the New York-based exchange’s CEO Tyler Winklevoss said. “Rather than deciding how and when to buy crypto, customers can do so when making their everyday purchases."