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Must-reads for September 17, 2018: Tracking people through crypto, gold bashing, Goldman Sachs, and bragging wrongs

Here are the crypto stories you should be watching today

How bitcoin helped track down suspects in the Russia investigation (Vice)
By now we know that with just a little bit of data, you can get a whole lot of info on someone through Bitcoin’s blockchain. This Vice video shows one of the ways Robert Mueller’s team did it.


Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and NYSE Owner Prepare to Back Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency (Daily HODL)
Nothing profound here but just a quick roundup of what some of the larger institutions are doing Bitcoin-related on Wall Street.


Bitcoin in Switzerland (CoinTelegraph)
A fun 10-minute video of how into bitcoin the Swiss are. Well, at least some of them. Anyway, it’s sorta a strange place.


Google’s top fraud fighter explains why it’s risky to brag about owning bitcoin (CNBC)
What is with some people’s need to tell everyone of their trading successes (other than the fact that they are probably lying)? One danger is that scammers can come up with more elaborate ways to rip you off. Another is that you look like a jerk.


Bitcoin Uses a Lot of Energy, But Gold Mining Uses More (Long Hash)
Vladimir Jelisavcic argues (with very sloppy assumptions) that it takes 20 times more energy to mine gold than it does to mine bitcoins. Yeah, because gold mined in any given year is worth a lot more than bitcoins mined in any given year. Gold will outlast a global power shutdown. Also, you can’t buy gold with tethers.


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