• NFT art Beeple sells $6.6 million
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    Beeple NFT artwork sells for $6.6 million

    Non-fungible token artwork seller Nifty Gateway called the sale of the Donald Trump-bashing piece by Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann historic

    The unique NFT art was part of the first drop on Nifty Gateway by Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann. The record-setting price was obtained when “CROSSROAD #1/1” was resold on the secondary market, the company said on Twitter. “History has been made,” it added. “We can confirm that this is a legitimate sale - this was brokered by Nifty Gateway's art buying services."

  • Bitcoin Core closeup
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    An artist is making blankets out of blockchain data and they’re gorgeous

    Phillip David Stearns turns raw data from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Monero blockchains into things of beauty

    Moon Lambos are out of the reach of most crypto HODLers, but there’s a more interesting and less gauche way of showing ones love of all things blockchain. An artist based in—where else?—Bushwick, Brooklyn, has created a series of beautiful blankets designed from blockchain data. Phillip David Stearns has been turning his glitch art into textiles for several years, and has done similar projects for Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s parent company. He recently started experimenting with blockchain data to produce new designs and began selling blankets with blockchain-based patterns on his website just this past week. They currently sell for $200 each. “With the blockchain blankets, the patterns are produced by…

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    This is how blockchain technology could change fine art forever

    Technology can finally give artists a bigger piece of the upside

    The fine art business may be disrupted in the coming years thanks to blockchain technology, concluded a panel of traders, fund managers, gallery owners, and academics. The discussion, “The Fine Art Market In Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & More,” was co-moderated by this very editor and hosted by GS2 Fine Art Co. and held at the Yale Club of New York this past Monday evening. Much of the talk centered around the work of one of the five panelists, Amy Whitaker, assistant professor at NYU’s Steinhardt School. In January, Whitaker, with Roman Kräussl of the Luxembourg School of Finance, published an academic paper called, “Democratizing Art Markets: Fractional Ownership and the…