• Blue Ridge Bank Bitcoin ATM
    Bitcoin,  Technology

    Blue Ridge Bank’s Bitcoin ATM announcement halts trading

    The bank’s stock took a Bitcoin bounce after claiming it was ‘the first time in U.S. history a commercial bank is providing access to Bitcoin at its branch locations.’

    BRBS promptly surged more than 20% in the space of 12 minutes, forcing the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to halt trading on its stock for 5 minutes. Of course it promptly dropped right back down in another 10 minutes. Still, the stock ended the trading day at $21.24, up from $19.90 before the bitcoin bounce.

  • Bitcoin ATM patent infringement
    Bitcoin,  Technology

    Bitcoin ATM operators to be sued for patent infringement

    OTC markets tech firm Bot bought a 2014 patent describing a Bitcoin ATM and now wants to be paid royalties on the use of this technology

    First Bitcoin Capital is in discussion with “a major law firm” to act against the infringements to its Bitcoin ATM patent and collect royalty payments by those operating such machines. “All Bitcoin ATM manufacturing companies could be forced to use the patented technology to manufacture and sell their Bitcoin ATMs as well as companies and individuals that own and operate Bitcoin ATM networks locally and nationwide," the company claims.

  • Finland hotspot illegal Bitcoin
    Bitcoin,  Europe,  United States

    CipherTrace: Finland a hotspot for illegal Bitcoin

    The tranquil Scandinavian nation is home to the Northern Lights, but down on the ground it’s also a haven for darknet scammers attempting to cash out; CipherTrace report finds $1.4 billion lost this year, criminals getting savvy to anti-money laundering

    CipherTrace says 12.1% of Bitcoin funds sent to Finnish exchanges come directly from criminal sources. As a percentage, that’s the highest worldwide, making Finland a hotspot for illegal Bitcoin. LocalBitcoins, a peer-to-peer crypto marketplace, is partly to blame. It is based in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, and received 99% of these ill-gotten funds, according to a report.

  • New Jersey regulate crypto
    Politics,  Regulation

    Head start for bill to regulate New Jersey crypto companies

    A well-connected sponsor and the opportunity to poach New York-based companies gives the ‘even-handed’ bill a head start

    A new bill seeking to regulate New Jersey crypto companies working with digital assets and financial services is a big improvement over last year’s version, industry insiders said this week.