• Coinbase will go public
    Cryptocurrencies,  Regulation

    Coinbase will go public with historic direct stock sale

    The listing will make the U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange the first firm in the industry to become a public company by selling stock

    The leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange intends to become a publicly traded company with a direct listing of its Class A shares rather than a traditional IPO.

  • coinbase grand design bison trails
    Cryptocurrencies,  People,  Technology

    Coinbase pitches a grand design in buying Bison Trails

    Purchasing the blockchain infrastructure provider is part of Brian Armstrong’s goal of growing Coinbase is beyond its roots as a cryptocurrency exchange

    In a Jan. 19 statement on its blog, Coinbase portrayed the move part of a grand design, calling it “an important step in delivering on our mission to create an open financial system for the world.” It’s also part of a business strategy to turn the infrastructure Coinbase built for itself into a suite of products available to any developer.

  • Brian Brooks leaves OCC
    Cryptocurrencies,  Regulation

    Crypto-friendly Brian Brooks steps down as bank overseer

    The former Coinbase executive’s rulings at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency aided the cryptocurrency industry by allowing banks to custody and make payments with stablecoins

    During his eight months at the head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Brooks, a former general counsel at Coinbase, enacted a number of reforms that helped push the cryptocurrency industry farther into the banking industry’s mainstream, most recently authorizing banks to use stablecoins to make payments and for other transactions on behalf of customers.

  • markets report bitcoin price
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    Markets Report: Bitcoin sees record rebound after halting dip at $30,000

    No sooner had sellers driven the market to $30,000 support did Bitcoin stage a miraculous recovery, climbing over $6,000 in hours. Did Coinbase/Kraken outages contribute to Monday’s drop?

    Bitcoin saw a dramatic rebound on January 12 as a bearish dive to $30,000 came to an abrupt end. Data from CoinMarketCap and TradingView showed BTC/USD attacking levels it had lost in the previous day’s trading on Tuesday, reaching local highs of $36,600. At press time, $33,000 was in play as a potential support level as ranging behavior returned to the market.