• Coinbase suspends trading in XRP
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    Coinbase to suspend trading in XRP, citing SEC lawsuit against Ripple

    One of the leading American cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase’s actions come in the wake of and SEC lawsuit accusing Ripple of selling illegal securities

    The action comes in the wake of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Dec. 22 lawsuit against Ripple, the international payments company closely associated with XRP. The SEC claims that XRP is a security and Ripple’s ongoing sale of some 14.6 billion XRP worth $1.38 billion was an illegal unregistered securities sale. Ripple has denied this, and has said it intends to fight the lawsuit vigorously.

  • Coinbase expands to Canada

    Coinbase expands to Canada ahead of possible IPO

    The exchange is building a Canadian office as it expands operations out of the U.S. ahead of a possible stock offering

    The move comes as Coinbase moves ahead with its attempt to launch an initial public offering (IPO) and sell shares in the company—becoming the first firm in the cryptocurrency industry to go public the traditional way.

  • Coinbase historic IPO
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    Coinbase takes historic step towards stock market listing

    The cryptocurrency giant announced that it has filed documents that could lead to the cryptocurrency industry’s first initial public offering

    The terse IPO announcement came a day after the appointment of two new board members, including Cisco executive vice president and CFO Kelly Kramer, who will head up the Coinbase board’s Audit and Compliance Committee.

  • Coinbase accused racism
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    At Coinbase, black employees faced ‘constant condescension’ and were described as ‘less capable’: report

    A day after Coinbase attempted to preempt a New York Times article about the company’s culture, 23 current and former workers paint a picture of discrimination and mistreatment

    Nathaniel Popper, a cryptocurrency and technology reporter at the Gray Lady, has written a damning exposé that claims the exchange “has long struggled with its management of black employees.” The title of his investigation? “Tokenized.”