• Pakistan province mining crypto
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    Pakistan province to start mining crypto

    Well ahead of the national government in regulating crypto, authorities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa plan to build two hydro-powered crypto mining farms

    In December 2020, local media reported that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa authorities legalized crypto assets and cryptocurrency mining—putting the province well ahead of he national government, where crypto assets currently reside in a grey area.

  • Cheap green power brings crypto mining Texas
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    Cheap, green power brings crypto mining to West Texas

    Argo Blockchain’s land purchase today gives it access to 800-megawatts of electrical power, the majority of it renewable

    Argo plans to establish a 200-megawatt mining facility on the Texas site within 12 months. Argo Blockchain CEO Peter Wall said the deal "not only gives us greater control over our mining operations but also the ability to meaningfully expand our mining capacity on a large scale. We now have access to some of what we believe is the cheapest renewable energy worldwide, in a location where innovation in new technologies is encouraged and incentivized.”

  • chipmaker chokes off crypto miners
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    Top chipmaker chokes off crypto miners

    Taiwan’s TSMC is limiting the number of chips it will supply to mining hardware producers because of extreme swings in demand

    Bitmain was reportedly one of TSMC’s main customers two years ago, but then cut its orders significantly when the crypto bear market started. Now, TSMC is met with high demand for silicon to be used in cryptocurrency mining operations again, due to the ongoing crypto asset bull market. Still, the silicon manufacturer is said to be prioritizing stable demand from smartphone makers over crypto mining hardware manufacturers.

  • Crypto miners clean energy tax breaks
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    Kentucky Senate gives clean energy tax breaks to crypto miners. No, seriously

    A bill that would give huge tax breaks to Bitcoin mining facilities, even if they use coal power, passed the state’s senate 36-1

    Kentucky State Sen. Brandon Smith has sponsored a bill that would extend the state’s tax incentives for alternative and renewable energy businesses to decidedly environmentally unfriendly cryptocurrency mining operations. If that sounds like an unlikely combination consider this: The bill would rename the existing “Incentives for Energy Independence Act” the “Incentives for Energy-related Business Act.”