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    Ripple CTO: Community could force us to burn $30B

    Ripple’s David Schwartz admitted on a Twitter thread that XRP validators could vote to force the international payments company to destroy 50B XRP—just like the Stellar Foundation did with XLM

    Schwartz’s comment came in response to a question on a Twitter thread that asked, “If Nodes, validators and the community at large got together and we agree that it's better for the community to burn the 50 billion XRP ripple has in escrows would that be possible?” Schwartz replied, "Yes. There would be nothing Ripple could do to stop that from happening.”

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    Ripple’s XRP rallies on PNC deal

    Gains for XRP have been a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy crypto market

    Move over, Dogecoin—XRP is now rallying, too. Ripple’s token jumped 13 percent Wednesday when it was announced that the company’s xCurrent technology will be used by PNC Treasury Management to process international payments. Pittsburgh-based PNC is the sixth largest bank in the United States, with assets of over $380 billion as of the end of June. Reuters called the deal “a possible precursor to the use of blockchain in mainstream finance.” Gains for XRP have been a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy crypto market. In the past three days, the token has gained roughly 37 percent, compared to nearly flat—albeit volatile—returns in bitcoin during that same time period. Thus,…