• markets report bitcoin price

    Markets Report: Bitcoin needs $11,500 daily close as wild $20M price theory hits

    Central bank balance sheet correlation theoretically implies a Bitcoin price of $20 million, a “fun” quant analysis reveals

    Bitcoin lingered near $11,500 on August 28 as analysts delivered fresh bullish price projections that ran as high as a giant $20 million. Data from price tickers including CoinMarketCap showed fairly flat action for BTC/USD overnight to Friday, in the aftermath of the Federal Reserve’s inflation speech.

  • markets report bitcoin price

    Markets Report: Bitcoin shuns $11,500 support as $9,600 dip remains on the radar

    Opportunities for dips near or even below $10,000 are still there, one analyst says as markets await Fed direction

    Data from price trackers including CoinMarketCap showed weakness continuing in BTC/USD overnight on Wednesday. After a brief run to 24-hour highs of $11,530, downward momentum took hold again, with the pair sinking to lows of $11,340. At press time, $11,370 formed a focal point as traders both within and outside cryptocurrency closely eyed macro developments.

  • markets report bitcoin price

    Markets Report: Bitcoin tests $11,000 as macro awaits Fed inflation speech

    Losses overnight amount to a typical pullback, one trader argues, with volatility also heightening for gold ahead of Thursday’s speech

    Bitcoin showed signs of weakness on August 26 as volatility in gold prices coupled with strength in the US dollar currency index to pressure sentiment. Data from price tickers including CoinMarketCap showed increasingly lower levels on the hourly chart for BTC/USD through Wednesday, with 24-hour losses sitting at 1.8% at press time.

  • U.S. is researching digital dollar
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    Fed Governor says U.S. is researching a digital dollar

    The Federal Reserve may be well behind China, but news that it is actively looking at a central bank digital currency is a big step forward

    Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard said Thursday a U.S. central bank digital currency won’t happen overnight. A significant policy process which the Fed has not committed to would be required to consider the issuance of a CBDC, along with extensive deliberations and engagement with other parts of the federal government and a broad set of other stakeholders.

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