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    Gartner: Blockchain can beat deepfake

    The leading research firm highlighted blockchain as a technology with the potential to change the world, citing video manipulation defense and mobile cryptocurrency payments

    Within two years, at least 10 major news organizations will be using blockchain technology to combat deepfake video manipulation. Two years after that nearly one third of the world’s news and video content will be authenticated using blockchain.

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    Gartner: Blockchain can transform the ad industry

    Enthusiasm is beginning to build for the technology, which ‘could eliminate fraud and substantially streamline the ad industry’

    Blockchain is the newest of the 28 technologies on the 2019 Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising, with innovation just beginning to trigger expectations. But it is already among the most promising, the company said, putting it alongside AI for marketing, customer data platforms, and real-time marketing.

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    Gartner Survey: 90% of blockchain-based supply chain projects are in trouble

    The lack of well-identified use cases is causing “blockchain fatigue” to set in; caution urged for early adopters

    Ninety percent of blockchain-based supply chain projects are faltering because they cannot figure out important uses for the technology, research firm Gartner said on May 7.