• cryptocurrency cure coronavirus

    Can cryptominers cure Coronavirus?

    The Folding@home project wants to use out-of-service mining machines to help scientists learn the secrets needed to create a vaccine for COVID-19

    While the markets tank over COVID-19 fears a small group of programmers are trying to convert their cryptomining GPUs to find a cure for coronavirus via the Folding@home project.

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    NVIDIA wants cryptocurrency miners to stop buying their products

    The graphics card company pushes back as GPU prices begin to skyrocket

    While bitcoin remains a volatile roller coaster, the value of graphics processing units is climbing steadily. Computer gamers love putting high-powered GPUs into their rigs to render a game’s imagery in super-realistic color and detail. However, this same hardware is highly prized by the cryptocurrency community for its efficacy in mining. The more GPUs that miners have, the quicker their computers solve complicated math problems that unleash new coins into the ecosystem. It stands to reason that miners want a lot of them. Now graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA is pushing back against the crypto-rush for its products. Company spokesman Boris Böhles issued a statement to German tech publication ComputerBase that,…