• JAssy replaces Bezos Amazon
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    Amazon Web Services head Andy Jassy to replace Bezos

    In promoting Andy Jassy to the CEO role, Amazon put the man who brought Amazon Managed Blockchain to life in the driver’s seat

    Under his watch, Amazon Web Services launched Amazon Managed Blockchain, which claims to be the leading cloud provider of blockchain services, supporting all major protocols and hosting 25% of all Ethereum nodes worldwide.

  • Jeff Bezos laughing but this guy's divorce will undoubtedly make him cry. Now imagine it with crypto (photo by Steve Jurvetson via Wikicommons).
    Cryptocurrencies,  United States

    Crypto a growing problem in divorce cases

    From finding hidden Bitcoin stashes to figuring out when or if to sell them, cryptocurrencies are an issue divorce lawyers are struggling with

    There are few business transactions as potentially divisive as dividing up assets after a divorce, and when you throw an anonymous currency like bitcoin or ether into the mix, it’s a recipe for trouble.

  • Spl.yt
    Cryptocurrencies,  Innovators

    Startup targets Amazon using blockchain tech

    How to cut Jeff Bezos out as e-commerce middleman

    What if Amazon’s third-party sellers went into business as a decentralized collective? A blockchain-enabled inventory and sales management tool called Spl.yt boasts all the technological features to make it happen. To buy something on Spl.yt is to buy it directly from the seller, with blockchain technology keeping things fair for merchant and customer alike. E-commerce sellers list their inventory for sale as tokenized assets on the blockchain, and the same technology instantly settles all payments and records customer feedback. A robust affiliate program amplifies this decentralized signal by letting existing e-commerce list Spl.yt inventory for sale and collect a cut of whatever sales they make. By displaying its collective inventory…