• Bitfinex launches crypto payments platform
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    Aiming at PayPal, Bitfinex launches crypto payments platform

    Saying that it intends to take on payments “behemoths” the new Bitfinex Pay app lets merchants accept payments in four cryptocurrencies

    No one ever accused Bitfinex of having small ambitions. Just days after it settled a years-long fraud lawsuit with New York’s attorney general over a loan it got from sister company and stablecoin issuer Tether, Bitfinex has launched a crypto-powered online-payments platform to take on payments giants like PayPal.

  • Square joins coronavirus loan program
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    Crypto-friendly Square joins coronavirus loan program

    Square joins PayPal and QuickBooks in U.S. government’s $350 billion stimulus loan and grant program for small businesses and their employees—after a fight

    Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin-friendly payment processing company Square is among the fintechs taking part in the U.S. Paycheck Protection Program, potentially offering a more nimble platform to quickly get loans and grants to small businesses slammed by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Vitalik Buterin
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    Vitalik Buterin thrashes alleged bitcoin creator Craig Wright

    Nerd fight at a South Korean blockchain conference

    For all the highfalutin talk of how its technology will change the world, the cryptocurrency community is not unlike a large high school with cliques and drama. Sparks flew at a blockchain conference in South Korea on Tuesday when Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin quite publicly called blockchain personality Craig Wright a fraud. Because it’s 2018, the whole thing was captured on video for public consumption. There’s a lot going on here, so let’s break it down: We’re seeing a question and answer session at an event called Deconomy, which bills itself as a global forum for developing a distributed economy. Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s 24-year-old wunderkind inventor, is in attendance to…