• Uniswap Unisocks tokens
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    Uniswap socks-backed tokens reach $92K

    185 of the tokens have been burned to redeem the footwear. This could be the most expensive hosiery that the world has ever seen. UPDATE: They’re at $158,000

    According to crypto asset market data website CoinGecko, the value of the NFT SOCKS tokens—each backed by a pair of Uniswap-branded socks that can be redeemed for the token—reached an all-time high of $92,763.27 on Feb. 16. At their highest, the 500 SOCKS had a market cap of about $28 million.

  • interview meltem demirors
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    It’s time for crypto to stop thinking small: An interview with Meltem Demirors

    The outspoken chief strategy officer of CoinShares believes the crypto community has forgotten it willed Bitcoin into reality, worries government-issued stablecoins will kill privacy, and explains why she ‘could give two fucks’ about JPMorgan

    “I think our aspirations are so small. Making Bitcoin institutional? I could give two fucks if JPMorgan cares about Bitcoin. It does nothing for me as a person, and it makes me sad that so many people have made institutional adoption a goal," Demirors said.

  • WEF crypto use cases
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    WEF report focuses on crypto use cases

    The World Economic Forum’s paper seeks to explain how cryptocurrencies are being employed in the real world

    The report, “Crypto, What Is It Good For? An Overview of Cryptocurrency Use Cases,” is more or less an overview of 30 cryptocurrencies, and blockchain users and providers, divided up into four categories.

  • SBI Holdings crypto

    Major financial firm SBI Holdings buys crypto market maker B2C2

    SBI Financial Services bought institutional cryptocurrency trading firm B2C2, making it the first major finance firm to run a digital assets trading desk

    The acquisition of the well-known crypto trading firm, by a division of the major Japanese financial group SBI Holdings, marks the “first sizable non-industry M&A deal that wasn’t an acquire or bail-out,” CoinShares Chief Strategy Officer Meltem Demirors tweeted in response to the news. “SBI has been an early mover in crypto, acquiring a market maker is a galaxy brain move!”