• Keeping money in a piggy bank won't grow it (via Pixabay).

    Growing interest in tokenized assets: eToro survey

    Fractional ownership of assets like art and real estate is becoming more attractive as the recession worries grow

    In a survey of 1,000 investors who trade online, more than 80% would be interested in owning blockchain-based security tokens offering fractional ownership in small businesses and real estate, and nearly 70% percent would be interested in investing in music rights, according to social trading and brokerage company eToro.

  • Robinhood
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    The real way that ‘free trading’ app Robinhood makes money will surprise you

    ‘Rob from the rich’ puts poor on dangerous path

    Robinhood positions themselves as this big company that wants to change the system. They cite Occupy Wall Street as their turning point. But Bloomberg found that they don’t even mention on LinkedIn that during Occupy, they were designing software for high frequency trading operations.

  • Bitcoin Birthday
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    Happy 10th Birthday, Bitcoin.org!

    The site was officially registered a decade ago this past week

    The Great Recession took $70,000 from you. We now are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of the very bad day of September 15, 2008, when Lehman Brothers fell off a cliff and took the world’s economy down with it. But in the midst of this chaos, one intrepid tech-believer registered the domain bitcoin.org on August 18, 2008. Without the Great Recession, we still might have something called Bitcoin. However, what we did with it and how an entire half-billion dollar industry grew from that would mostly like have been entirely different.   The earliest days of Bitcoin dictated our present moment. It’s worth it to revisit some of…

  • Square's Cash app

    Square expanding Bitcoin services on Cash app

    Is this an indication that more businesses will accept bitcoin as a form of payment in the U.S.?

    Square, a company best known for its popular point-of-sale and payment processing suite, announced on Monday that it would be expanding Bitcoin services offered in its Cash app. Thus the No. 1 finance app in the iOS App Store will allow users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency in all 50 U.S. states. This is huge news for the crypto world as it represents a sort of mainstream acceptance after the blow it was dealt in January when Stripe announced it would no longer support Bitcoin payments. To be clear, there is a distinction between the types of services Stripe offered and those that Cash will offer vis-à-vis Bitcoin. Stripe’s…