• BTC on Keyboard with B

    Salon is now using readers’ browsers to mine cryptocurrencies

    A recently published FAQ explains how the progressive site is using its readers to make money

    The fewer and fewer people who are visiting progressive-leaning blog site Salon may be mining cryptocurrencies, according to a recently published FAQ on the site. Based on data from Archive.org, the FAQ was first published on Monday, February 12, 2018. [Editor’s note: We’ve just heard back from Salon. We hope to have more updates shortly.]  Those visitors to Salon using an ad blocker are now given two choices: disable the blocker or let Salon use some of their computers CPU to mine cryptocurrencies while they catch up on the circus that is American politics. Of course, Salon couches it in terms that make one’s bleeding heart flutter just a little…

  • Geothermal powerplant in Iceland.

    Iceland may hit a milestone in 2018 because of bitcoin

    Miners love cheap electricity and Icelanders know a thing or two about volatility

    A remote nation with a small population, shaky politics, a hard left government, and economic turmoil in its recent past is finding that mining is taking up a huge chunk of one of its biggest resources. Sound familiar? No, not Venezuela or Congo or let’s face it, too much of the developing world. Nope, we’re talking Iceland, the country that gave the world… um… Bjork. Yeah, that’s one big export. Let’s see… What else… whale meat? C’mon. Work with us here. Anyway, the natural resource we’re talking about is geothermal-generated electricity and they’re used for mining bitcoin. According to a U.K.-based news site Metro, 2018 may see more Icelandic electricity…

  • Bitcoin being mined.
    Bitcoin,  Innovators,  Ripple

    Harry Hindsight jabs me for missing the crypto boat

    A startup guy agonizes over his 2013 bitcoin opportunity

    Harry Hindsight loves to tease me about the fall of 2013. Everyone knows Harry, and Harry has been super busy these days, especially with the year cryptocurrencies had in 2017. For every crypto-evangelist, there are 10 lamenters who are kicking themselves for not listening. Given all the media frenzy these days, it’s easy to forget that bitcoin had another 10-fold increase back in late 2013. That was the first one I missed, and the one Harry won’t let me forget. This miss wasn’t simply not buying when seemingly smart friends were advising me to. Back then, barely anyone knew what bitcoin was. No. My miss was colossally worse because the…

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    It’s official: 4 out of 5 bitcoins have already been mined

    Now we only have to wait 122 years to finish the job

    This weekend saw a major milestone passed for the cryptocurrency community with the mining of the 16,800,000th bitcoin. As the bitcoin protocol is hard-capped at a fraction under 21 million coins, this means 80 percent of the world’s total supply is already out in the wild. We’re not about to run out of bitcoin next weekend, so don’t lose your cool just yet. The math that introduces new coins into the ecosystem gets progressively difficult as time goes on; we’re making bitcoins more slowly, not more quickly When it first cropped up nine years ago, bitcoin’s unremarkable monetary value reflected how easy it was to generate. Nowadays that math is…