• New Zealand rejects CBDC
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    New Zealand rejects digital currency—for now

    No central bank digital currency for New Zealand, even though just 6% use cash for everyday needs

    Christian Hawkesby, the assistant governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, told a conference on Oct. 19 that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) won’t be released imminently. However, he stressed the country is “well connected” on the matter and continues to monitor developments closely. In other words, New Zealand wants another country to jump in first.

  • Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand, March 17 2019: Flowers to remember the victims of the March 15 2019 Christchurch Mosque Shootings (via Shutterstock).
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    Could blockchain have prevented the New Zealand mass shooting?

    After a shooter killed at least 49 people in a Christchurch mosque, it’s worth taking a look at what blockchain can do for gun control

    With New Zealand reeling after a self-described fascist murdered at least 49 worshippers at a Christchurch mosque, gun control is back on top of the news cycle worldwide. And blockchain developers think they can help make it more efficient and accurate.

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    Latest Cryptocurrency News for October 12, 2018: Gary Cohn goes crypto, Nouriel Roubini goes nuclear, and miners go off the rails

    These are the crypto stories you should be following today

    Latest Cryptocurrency News: Gary Cohn goes crypto, Nouriel Roubini goes nuclear, and miners go off the rails   How The Mighty Have Fallen: Gary Cohn Joins Blockchain Startup 7 Months After Leaving White House (ZeroHedge) Gary Cohn was chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs before quitting to become President Trump’s chief economic advisor. He quit that job because he didn’t like Trump’s trade policies. Now he’s advising something called Spring Labs, which hopes to put Equifax, Experian and TransUnion out of business using blockchain technology. Dr. Nouriel Roubini vs. Bitcoin: Senate Hearing Breaks Down His Arguments (CCN) Dr. Doom himself appeared before the Senate Banking Committee to yell and scream…

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    Must-reads for September 23, 2018: Big Bitcoin bugs, big oil, big hacks, and other big wastes of time

    Here are the crypto stories you should be watching this weekend

    A Major Bug In Bitcoin Software Could Have Crashed the Currency (Motherboard) “On Tuesday, the developers of Bitcoin Core—the software that effectively powers the Bitcoin blockchain—released a new version that patched a vulnerability that allowed a malicious user to crash the network, making everyone’s digital coins effectively useless. The bug has been variously described as ‘very scary,’ ‘major,’ and one of the ‘top three or four’ most serious bugs ever discovered in Bitcoin,” writes Motherboard’s Jordan Pearson. But it’s okay. Everything’s fine now. No need to ever worry about anything ever again. Now where’s our Xanax?   These Oil Traders Are Trying to Overhaul the Industry With a Blockchain Venture…