• Blockchain bill passes House
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    Blockchain bill passes the House for the first time

    Rep. Darren Soto, who authored the Blockchain Innovation Act, says the technology ‘has an incredible amount of potential for innovation and economic growth’

    Soto said the cross-departmental study into blockchain would serve as an “educational function” for members of Congress, and ultimately pave the way for “more actionable, blockchain-focused legislation.” He added:

  • digital yuan internal testing
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    Digital yuan faces internal testing ahead of full-scale deployment

    Having passed limited roll-outs in seven cities including Beijing and Hong Kong, China’s digital currency is undergoing full-scale internal testing ahead of a broader launch

    “The internal testing is mainly to test the technical reliability and maturity of the digital currency," said Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the PBoC. "The internal test requires that the digital currency should only run within a very clear boundary, which is quite demanding for the test scenario.”

  • JD.com supports digital yuan
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    Another Chinese ecommerce behemoth adds digital yuan support

    Plans to integrate a mobile wallet for both online and offline usage comes as China declares its central bank digital currency ready for rollout

    The project is the latest example of major Chinese consumer retail conglomerates backing China’s digital yuan project—formally known as Digital Currency/Electronic Payment, or DCEP.

  • digital yuan ready for deployment
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    China’s digital yuan ready for deployment

    People’s Bank of China calls digital yuan a weapon in a “new battlefield” between nations

    Reuters reported today that the PBoC is eager to become the world’s first nation to issue a CBDC in an attempt to internationalize its fiat currency and reduce its reliance on the dollar’s financial infrastructure.