• Japan central bank digital currencies
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    Bank of Japan’s top economist to head up department focused on digital currencies

    Kazushige Kamiyama’s appointment comes as the world’s third-largest economy ramps up efforts to embrace central bank digital currencies as China races ahead in creating one

    Kazushige Kamiyama’s appointment comes as the world’s third-largest economy makes a concerted effort to embrace financial innovation—and avoid being left behind.

  • digital payments anti-trust
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    Launching its own digital currency, China take aim at digital payment titans

    The People’s Bank of China has called for an anti-trust investigation of Alipay and WeChat Pay, which together control 94% of the market. Is the forthcoming digital yuan responsible?

    China is creating a digital currency that can be used for day-to-day payments. Now a new report claims the People’s Bank of China is trying to initiate an anti-trust investigation against the two firms that dominate this space: Alipay and WeChat Pay.

  • French test digital euro
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    France successfully tests digital euro

    Further experiments are set to take place in the coming weeks, Banque de France said, as the global race to launch a central bank digital currency heats up

    In Banque de France’s experiment on May 14, a blockchain developed by its team was used to settle an issue of digital securities by Société Générale. Covered bonds worth $44 million were issued as security tokens directly registered on a public blockchain.