• Major Algorand upgrade

    As Ethereum 2.0 gets bogged down in delays, Algorand pounces for DeFi market

    Transaction fees are spiraling out of control on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, a rival network says it offers superior technology that makes transactions faster and cheaper

    Many protocols are being built on the Ethereum blockchain, a network that’s had a long-term scalability problem and has been bursting at the seams for years. Now, the DeFi-focused blockchain Algorand is throwing its hat into the ring—and making it clear that it’s determined to seize market share from Ethereum.

  • Charley Moore, founder and CEO of Rocket Lawyer.
    Ethereum,  Technology

    Rocket Lawyer’s Charley Moore calls ConsenSys’ Ethereum blockchain legal gamechanger

    In bid to make law more affordable, DIY legal site turns to blockchain

    Rocket Lawyer’s Charley Moore is betting smart contracts can make the law available to the masses. The online legal services firm has created a blockchain-based smart contract platform to make writing, verifying, and making payment on an agreement easy, affordable, and automatic. Think of it as an escrow account run by smart contracts.

  • Ohio state capitol
    Cryptocurrencies,  Innovators,  United States

    Ohio’s dream of becoming a blockchain-friendly state close to being a reality

    An amendment to a bill means all that’s needed is Gov. John Kasich’s signature

    Ohio’s bid to become an American blockchain haven got a big boost by the state’s legislature this week. As reported earlier, a bill proposed by Sen. Matthew Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) in the Ohio Senate would allow smart contracts using blockchain technology to carry the weight of a signature. S.B. 300 was and remains in committee. However, it may no longer be necessary to pass that bill separately. That’s because an amendment to another bill (S.B. 220), passed by both Ohio’s Senate and the House of Representatives on Wednesday night, means all that’s needed is Gov. John Kasich’s signature to make it law, which is expected to happen. As the amendment…

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