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    Deloitte survey finds blockchain vital, overhyped

    Executives are seeing more business cases, but asking more questions

    While business executives around the world are growing more certain that blockchain will be a game changer, a new survey also reveals that skepticism remains. According to Deloitte, it’s 2019 Global Blockchain Survey finds the technology is entering a new phase, in which the question is no longer, “Will blockchain work?” but, “How can we make blockchain work for us?”

  • Foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates (via Shutterstock).
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    Saudi Arabia and UAE announce blockchain pilot program to cut remittances costs

    The two countries are testing the Aber cryptocurrency to make it cheaper for foreign workers from impoverished nations to send money home

    A pilot program by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates creating a digital cryptocurrency called Aber is an experiment aimed at seeing whether blockchain technology can reduce the high cost of remittances, according to a statement by the two wealthy Gulf nations’ financial authorities.