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    Crypto & AI: Competition, Convergence or Both?

    Part one: AI-based Trading

    The convergence of cryptocurrency with artificial intelligence (AI) is attracting significant attention from builders and investors alike. “We’ve never been more excited about crypto and we continue to invest across all stages,” Paradigm co-founder Matt Huang said in a recent tweet, adding, “We’re also a group of curious nerds and the developments in AI are too interesting to ignore.” As one example, AI-metaverse startup Futureverse raised a $54 million in Series A funding this month, with growth equity fund 10T Holdings leading the round, joined by Ripple Labs. Naturally, it has also caused pundits to speculate on an exponential increase in crypto values. Arthur Hayes, BitMEx co-founder and former CEO,…

  • Venture capital, grinding everyone's gears (via Shutterstock).

    VC investments fall sharply, but blockchain usage rises

    CB Insights predicted start-up funding will drop 60%, but IDC said spending on blockchain implementation will double

    A new report from CB Insights said investments in blockchain technology start-ups have tanked so far in 2019, and could end the year 60% lower than 2018. But the interest in the technology in the corporate world appears to be booming, with Fortune 500 companies investing more time and effort in bringing blockchain projects to fruition.

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    With political chaos behind it, Ohio legislature can now move forward on blockchain bill

    Buckeye State looks to compete with Arizona as one of the most blockchain-friendly places to do business

    Ohio is hoping to redefine itself as being at the vanguard of 21st century technology. But for the past few weeks, there was a problem: 19th century-style politics causing chaos in the state capitol. Now with a new House Speaker, there’s hope the Buckeye State will return to pushing a blockchain-welcoming agenda. Three weeks ago, State Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) introduced SB 300, otherwise known as “Revise Electronic Transactions Act/blockchain/smart contracts,” to the Ohio state senate. The bill has a very simple but important task: update the state’s electronic signature laws to include letting smart contracts on blockchains serve as legally binding contracts. Doing so would put Ohio up…

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    Why most ICOs will fail

    A long chat with the team from Monetago, a blockchain company that never did—and will never do—an initial coin offering

    Almost every day, I get an email about a hot new initial coin offering (ICO). These come from tech companies selling their future services. In my stock portfolio, I’m happy to find anything that can give me 10 percent return over the course of a year. These days you can measure a crypto portfolio in 2x, 3x, or even 10x (as in, 1,000 percent). But lately, all this good news has been bothering me. The financial magic works like this: imagine if someone builds a casino in your neighborhood and they fund the entire operation by selling their poker chips ahead of time. With that money, they will pay for…