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    Is blockchain voting a bad idea?

    Blockchain skeptic Jeremy Epstein explains why he thinks blockchain cannot fix flaws in the voting process—and could even fuel fraudulent elections

    Using the technology doesn’t tackle the problems concerning remote voter identification and management—and there is a risk that malware on computers or a hacked voting app could result in the wrong vote being recorded on a blockchain. There’s no way to audit results relative to voter intent either, and in any case, many blockchain protocols simply aren’t scalable enough to cope with a national election where millions of people vote in a single day.

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    Iowa primary debacle could boost blockchain-based voting

    The first Democratic presidential primary fell flat after reporting problems that might have been avoided with blockchain balloting

    A disastrous switchover to an unready-for-primetime app for reporting vote tallies left Iowa's critical, first-in-the-nation caucus results completely unknown amid claims of unspecified “inconsistencies” and chaos.