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    Hunting Crypto Whales

    Forbes’ latest foray into the world of crypto billionaires doesn’t harpoon many

    This year Forbes instead aimed to rank those whose crypto holdings were the largest, which is a difficult endeavor. It turns out that most people are not keen to disclose the most intimate details of their financial holdings. While citing only four holders of cryptocurrency recently worth more than $1 billion, Forbes writes, “Along the way, some crypto investors have gotten very rich. At least five have recently crossed into the billionaire ranks, possibly quite a few more.”

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    Markets Report: Bitcoin tracks lower as data shows whales fueled $28K bull run

    As $27,000 support slips from view, a mass exodus is underway among XRP holders

    Bitcoin fell further on Dec. 29 as short-term price action continued to contrast with investors’ bullish take on the future. The 6% two-day losses came amid further nervousness surrounding the fate of XRP, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

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    On Warren Buffett and the bitcoin bubble

    The Oracle of Omaha predicts the boom in cryptocurrencies will “come to a bad ending”

    There’s some small amount of buzz in cryptoland over Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett’s recent negative comments on bitcoin. Let’s preface this by stating the obvious: Warren Buffett is greatest living value investor and one of the greatest in history. The man applied everything Benjamin Graham taught him at Columbia Business School (which is a way better school than Chicago or Wharton) and amassed one of the largest fortunes ever seen. To paraphrase a Yiddish expression, Buffett has already forgotten more about investing than anyone else will ever know. Yet there’s one sector that Buffett doesn’t feel comfortable with and that’s technology. It’s just not his thing and that’s okay.…