Bison Trails double-signing software

Bison Trails to support privacy-focused Oasis Network

The move is part of the ongoing collaboration between the infrastructure-as-a-service firm and privacy-focused blockchain foundation

Blockchain infrastructure firm Bison Trails now supports the privacy-focused blockchain network Oasis Network.

According to an announcement shared with Modern Consensus on Sept. 16, Bison Trails will support the Oasis Network following collaboration on the protocol’s development over the last year. That will make setting up a node on the proof-of-stake network possible with just a few clicks.

As Modern Consensus reported in late August, Bison Trails’ recently launched double-signing protection software that’s designed to “de-risk” staking of cryptocurrencies, making it easier for staking-node runners to avoid double-signing penalties while validating transactions.

Oasis’ blockchain aims to keep data confidential and protected while giving users control and ownership of their data. Bison Trails claims in the announcement that user data “is a fundamental asset of the modern economy” and — as a consequence — control, ownership, use and monetization of this resource is “both a business challenge and a privacy struggle,” the company said.

“The Oasis Network’s dual-layer design, using a novel approach that allows for the parallel execution of consensus and computation, is key to the network’s support for privacy-preserving applications, with potentially world-changing impact,” Bison Trails Chief Technology Officer Aaron Henshaw said.

Thanks to the Bison Trails integration, users will be reportedly able to participate in Oasis Network by launching a node “in a few clicks, without any technical knowledge.” Furthermore, running a node will also allow the users to run additional infrastructure on ParaTimes, Oasis’ forthcoming parallel execution layer.

An ongoing collaboration

This is the last step of an ongoing collaboration between the two firms. Over the last year, Bison Trails helped the Oasis Foundation with protocol development and testing as the network moves closer to its mainnet launch.

Bison Trails also served as an advisor for the Oasis team on infrastructure, an incentivized testnet, community-building, and rollout planning

Lastly, Bison Trails will work with universities to run Oasis validating nodes as part of the Oasis University Program. As Modern Consensus reported in mid-August, Berkeley, Cornell and MIT, alongside British universities in Oxford and Cambridge all participate in this project.

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