• Symbol blockchain launches

    Symbol blockchain launches, with bourbon-backed security token

    Developer New Economy Movement says the public blockchain will run in parallel with its NIS1 blockchain, adding DeFi and security token capabilities

    NEM’s Symbol is intended to run in parallel with its NIS1 protocol, expanding its capabilities to include decentralized finance (DeFi), security token offering (STO) and regulated assets applications. Among the first tokens to launch on Symbol: The Kentucky Whiskey Digital Fund security token, backed by an inventory of roughly four million bottles of bourbon.

  • ConsenSys Securosys ETH 2.0 staking
    Ethereum,  Technology

    ConsenSys, Securosys launch secure ETH 2.0 staking system

    The firms have developed a hardware-based system for creating Ethereum 2.0 withdrawal keys securing long-term ether stakes

    By combining Switzerland-based Securosys’s Hardware Security Modules with ConsenSys Codefi’s staking technology, the companies said they can generate Ethereum 2.0 withdrawal keys that can safely be stored and managed to protect staked ether during the transition from the Ethereum to Eth 2.0 blockchain.

  • Huobi Ethereum 2.0 staking

    Huobi announces ETH staking support ahead of Ethereum 2.0 launch

    The crypto exchange will allow its users to stake Ether by pressing a single button, a necessary step to the shift to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism

    The announcement explains that the users will be able to change their Ether into Beacon Ether (BETH) and receive staking rewards for securing the new blockchain.

  • Coinbase supports Cosmos staking

    Coinbase supports Cosmos staking

    Coinbase customers who keep Cosmos tokens on the trading platform can earn a 5% annual percentage yield on their holdings

    This support may be interpreted as an implicit—and important—endorsement by Coinbase, which is arguably one of the most influential exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. While staking rewards isn’t the same as a new listing, ATOM may benefit from the widely accepted “Coinbase Effect,” which says that a listing on the San Francisco-based exchange brings a sharp—even ridiculous—price boost.