• Huobi Ethereum 2.0 staking

    Huobi announces ETH staking support ahead of Ethereum 2.0 launch

    The crypto exchange will allow its users to stake Ether by pressing a single button, a necessary step to the shift to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism

    The announcement explains that the users will be able to change their Ether into Beacon Ether (BETH) and receive staking rewards for securing the new blockchain.

  • Coinbase supports Cosmos staking

    Coinbase supports Cosmos staking

    Coinbase customers who keep Cosmos tokens on the trading platform can earn a 5% annual percentage yield on their holdings

    This support may be interpreted as an implicit—and important—endorsement by Coinbase, which is arguably one of the most influential exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. While staking rewards isn’t the same as a new listing, ATOM may benefit from the widely accepted “Coinbase Effect,” which says that a listing on the San Francisco-based exchange brings a sharp—even ridiculous—price boost.

  • launch of Ethereum 2.0

    Lead developer formally proposes launch of Ethereum 2.0

    The moment that the Ethereum community has been waiting for finally seems at hand: The move to a faster, more energy efficient proof-of-stake blockchain has begun

    Ethereum 2.0 will move the No. 2 cryptocurrency’s blockchain from a Bitcoin-style, energy-hungry, proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism to a faster, more energy efficient proof-of-stake (PoS), in which blocks are confirmed by validators who essentially post a bond to ensure good behavior.

  • Bison Trails double-signing software

    Bison Trails to support privacy-focused Oasis Network

    The move is part of the ongoing collaboration between the infrastructure-as-a-service firm and privacy-focused blockchain foundation

    Bison Trails will support the Oasis Network following collaboration on the protocol’s development over the last year. That will make setting up a node on the proof-of-stake network possible with just a few clicks.