Enjin NFT fashion

Blockchain game developer Enjin is bringing fashion sense to alternate reality

Non-fungible tokens will allow AR gamers to collect, use and resell unique to fashion items that can be worn by users’ avatars in games and the ‘real’ world

Blockchain gaming platform Enjin is working to let gamers and augmented reality fans give avatars a way to express their fashion sense.

Enjin is coding unique outfits for “hyper-realistic” avatars onto tradable Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (NFT), the company said in a Jan. 26 announcement.

Those clothes and accessories can be used on avatars created on the augmented-reality MetaverseMe app, where videos injecting them into the users’ real-world surroundings can be shot, and shared on social media.

Those avatars can also be used in shared virtual reality open-world settings, including MyMetaverse, a virtual world where plots of “real” estate are being sold to players who can develop and resell them to other players. 

“The grand design of MyMetaverse envisions a completely customizable digital world and gaming network, where players can trade infinite forms of real-world value through their platform of choice,” the company said.

MetaverseMe founder Martyn Hughes highlighted the importance of blockchain in securing the digital assets that are part of immersive experiences:

“It won’t be long before blockchain is recognized as the internet of value for all immersive experiences. Being able to take your assets and use them across all of your favorite games and apps will revolutionize the digital economy.”

Beginning Feb. 23, Enjin will debut its “Pluriform” collection, a set of digital-only fashion items on NFTs, for MyMetaverse and the MetaverseMe app. Those NFT items will also be supported on other virtual environments, such as games Minecraft, The Six Dragons (coming soon to PlayStation), and the next game of the KickOff franchise, KickOff Evolution.

Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov believes that this is just the beginning of the union between blockchain and AR technology:

“Blockchain and augmented reality are two technologies on a predetermined collision course. Soon, your likeness will be able to ascend across the entire internet, and we’re excited to work with the MetaverseMe team to make this happen.”

The virtual clothing and accessories are being created through an ongoing partnership between Enjin, gaming giant Atari, MetaverseMe, and digital fashion firm The Fabricant. 

This is not the first time that blockchain NFT’s have been used by AR and VR software developers. In November, augmented reality blockchain startup OVR tokenized a digital map of the whole earth, and started selling “real estate” that owners can develop.

And as Modern Consensus reported at the end of October, Wallem is a crypto virtual reality game and was promoted by the most popular personal YouTube account in the world, PewDiePie.

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