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Crypto AR game Wallem announces Armani initiative

Players can exchange tokens that they find in the real world for Armani accessories

Cryptocurrency-enabled augmented reality game Wallem announced that players can win Armani Exchange accessories.

According to an announcement shared with Modern Consensus on Nov. 11, Wallem players will now be able to find Armani Exchange tokens in the real world and redeem them for products made by Armani’s accessories brand. One user who was able to collect enough tokens to redeem a watch explained:

“I participated in the Armani Exchange event and I was able to obtain a watch that would usually cost about €100 [$118]. Every day I collected the Armani brand points and on the last day I spent €1 on the Google Play Store to bypass the hourly token collection limit for one hour and I completed the event.”

A Wallem spokesperson confirmed that the firm is not just giving out Armani products it purchased, but that a contract between the two firms is actually in place.

The user also highlighted that he enjoyed that he felt like he earned the product instead of just winning it by sheer luck. Other users were able to earn the iPhone 12 Mini during a Halloween event which saw them collect decorative pumpkins spread around the cities, 666 of them for a phone. Furthermore, the game’s players can also earn Amazon gift cards of up to $50 by collecting in-game tokens.

As Modern Consensus reported at the end of October, Wallem’s marketing efforts see the participation of the world’s most famous YouTuber, PewDiePie, presumably because his brother-in-law is involved in the project.

PewDiePie was also represented by an in-game skin and a non-fungible token (NFT) the owner of which receives a portion of the profits made through the sale of the skin. The NFT in question was bought by one unfortunate player who bought it for 60 Ether (nearly $27,800 as of press time) and sold it moments later for just one ETH ($460) by mistake.

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