• Markets report bitcoin price
    Bitcoin,  Ethereum,  Markets Report

    Markets Report: Bitcoin matches $18,400 high as Ethereum, altcoins suddenly come alive

    An overnight reversal upwards sees Bitcoin shun suggestions of a correction getting underway, but some major altcoins put in stronger daily gains

    Bitcoin ends another week on another long-term high after a frenzied few days’ trading delighted bulls and saw no sign of a major pullback. A transformative week for traders, Bitcoin has reached highs not seen since immediately after it peaked at $20,000 in late 2017.

  • Ben Goertzel AI into DeFi
    Ethereum,  Innovators,  Technology

    Ben Goertzel is putting artificial intelligence into decentralized finance

    SingularityNET’s founder discusses his new DAO, sci-fi level AI coming to crypto finance, his frustration with Ethereum, and embrace of Cardano

    Decentralized AI marketplace SingularityNET has announced a new DeFi project called SingularityDAO. Modern Consensus caught up with founder and CEO Ben Goertzel via Google Hangouts to learn more about this new project, his company’s recently announced Cardano partnership, and when he thinks we’ll have superintelligent artificial intelligence.

  • PayPal crypto
    Bitcoin,  Cryptocurrencies,  Ethereum,  Litecoin

    PayPal crypto service goes live

    The digital payments company’s U.S. customers can now buy and sell bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, and litecoin in their accounts, heralding a new level of mainstream availability for cryptocurrencies

    Announced last month, the crypto support went live for U.S. customers on Nov. 12, marking a new level of mainstream availability of cryptocurrency. In addition, PayPal said it will “significantly increase cryptocurrency's utility” as it will be usable for purchases at the company’s network of 26 million merchants worldwide.

  • Kirobo undo-button eth
    Ethereum,  Technology

    Kirobo adds ‘undo-button’ for ETH, ERC-20 transactions

    The company previously released a bitcoin version of the technology, which adds a password that allows users to cancel previously irreversible transactions

    The undo feature will allow users to reclaim funds sent to the wrong wallet during “previously irreversible ether transactions,” the company said. "When dispatching digital assets, a password is entered by the sender. Funds are then released only when the recipient enters this same password. If the password is not entered, the sender can retrieve their assets at their convenience.”

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