• Raoul Pal predicts $20K eth
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    ETH can hit $20K and overtake BTC’s market cap, Raoul Pal predicts

    The Real Vision CEO revealed that he is planning to double his ETH allocation—and believes that Ether’s price is following the same trajectory as Bitcoin’s did

    Pal also believes Ether has the potential to have a larger market cap than Bitcoin over time. But with a market cap of just $143 billion, the blockchain that brought us initial coin offerings, non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance will have its work cut out to leapfrog BTC’s $570 billion valuation.

  • markets report bitcoin price
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    Markets Report: Bitcoin grinds upwards as ether hits new all-time high

    Success for ether comes amid warnings that a return to vertical price action is likely a long way off

    A new week and a new Bitcoin—a quiet weekend passes and leaves the largest cryptocurrency shooting higher towards $40,000. After breaking $30,000 support late last week, fears of a fresh bearish retest have been left unfounded as Monday produces new upside. What’s next?

  • Ether all-time high

    Ether cools slightly after reaching an all-time high

    In a single day, ETH surged by 15%—taking it to $1,440 on some exchanges. Unfortunately, high transaction fees remain a stubborn problem

    Despite ether handily outperforming bitcoin over the course of 2020, there was one thing that the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency was unable to achieve: a new all-time high. All of that changed on Jan. 19, when ETH finally broke the record of $1,432.88—a milestone that had been set three years ago this month.