• Brazil central bank CBDC
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    Brazil’s Central Bank Launches CBDC Study

    Brazil’s central bank is giving the idea of releasing its own digital currency serious thought

    The central bank of South America’s largest economy explained that the study’s objective is to evaluate the benefits and overall impact of the issuance of a digital version of the Brazilian fiat currency—the real.

  • CBDC Google searches
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    Central bank digital currencies capture public’s interest like Bitcoin, Libra

    Google searches about CBDCs have grown as fast in 2020 as Facebook’s Libra did last year and Bitcoin in late 2017/early 2018

    According to an Aug. 24 report from the Bank for International Settlements, “there is growing discussion of a new payment technology: central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).”

  • Ex-Reserve Bank of India governor Libra
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    Ex-Reserve Bank of India governor: Bitcoin, Libra and central bank digital currencies can co-exist

    Raghuram Rajan, the former RBI governor, says competition between private and public initiatives is crucial to prevent one asset becoming too powerful

    A former governor of the Reserve Bank of India has said that he believes private digital currencies such as Facebook’s Libra should be allowed to compete with central bank digital currencies—and warned it would be “problematic” if any single asset establishes a monopoly.

  • U.S. is researching digital dollar
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    Fed Governor says U.S. is researching a digital dollar

    The Federal Reserve may be well behind China, but news that it is actively looking at a central bank digital currency is a big step forward

    Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard said Thursday a U.S. central bank digital currency won’t happen overnight. A significant policy process which the Fed has not committed to would be required to consider the issuance of a CBDC, along with extensive deliberations and engagement with other parts of the federal government and a broad set of other stakeholders.

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