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    China completes digital yuan design

    The People’s Bank of China says it has completed the ‘top-level design’ and joint testing of its forthcoming central bank digital currency 

    The next steps in the country’s digital currency/electronic payment, or DC/EP, project—which it has been hammering away at for five years—are to “follow the principles of stability, security and control” and to “select pilot verification areas, scenarios and service scopes,” said Mu Changchun, the head of the PBOC’s digital currency research institute.

  • Virgil Griffith is facing 20 years in prison (Lulu Lorien via Wikimedia Commons).
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    Virgil Griffith formally charged over North Korea speech

    The former Ethereum developer has been indicted for conspiracy to use cryptocurrency to violate U.S. sanctions; co-conspirator to be arrested shortly

    Former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith has been formally indicted for conspiracy to violate North Korean sanctions after giving a cryptocurrency lecture at a North Korean conference. Prosecutors alleged that Griffith discussed how to use blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to launder money.

  • Judge Judy You'd smile too if you made $47 million to call people idiots (via Wikimedia)
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    Aragon Court: Judge Judy on blockchain

    On a decentralized arbitration platform, jurors randomly selected by stake earn rewards—or pay penalties—for deciding who is right and who is wrong.

    Aragon Court is using a DAO to bring human judgement-based decision making to binding arbitration onto a blockchain. Both parties as well as the jurors must stake ANJ tokens, and both can lose them.

  • Chinese tech giant Baidu has launched The Matrix, er, the Xuperchain blockchain (via Baidu).

    Chinese search giant Baidu launches Xuperchain blockchain

    At about one-seventh the cost of competing blockchain-as-a-services platforms, the goal is to make it easier for small companies to launch DApps

    Baidu Xuperchain is a “blockchain basic service” for small- to medium-size businesses that want to quickly and easily deploy DApps and use smart contracts. It also supports President Xi Jinping's October call to make China the world leader in blockchain.