Seriously people, it’s Warren Buffet; can’t somebody wear a tie?

Justin Sun finally eats his $4.6 million meal with Warren Buffet

Tron’s hype-happy founder quietly broke bread with the Oracle of Omaha for a rescheduled charity dinner two weeks ago

Mr. Crypto Marketing himself, Tron CEO Justin Sun, apparently waited nearly two weeks to announce that he finally had his $4.6 million meal with Warren Buffet.

Despite his reputation as an aggressive marketer, Sun made the belated announcement in a 12-part Twitter thread today, highlighting a receipt signed by Buffet for the $515.05 meal. Buffet also showed he’s a good customer, adding a $100 tip to the check, which already included a 21% service charge.

The dinner took place on Jan. 23 at the Happy Hollow Club in Omaha, Neb., rather than the originally scheduled San Francisco. Also present were Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, Huobi CFO Chris Lee, Binance Charity Foundation head Helen Hai, and eToro CEO Yoni Assia.

Receipt from Warren Buffet's meal with Tron's Justin Sun.

After Sun bought what was supposed to have been a lunch at a charity auction in support of to San Francisco’s Glide Foundation for the homeless in June 2019, he spent weeks hyping it to the skies, and then cancelled with two days’ notice after an attack of “kidney stones” that appeared to be treated by making abject apologies to his Chinese Weibo followers about over-hyping the event.

Sun was nattily dressed in a grey sport coat, blue sweater, black jeans with patched knees, and boat shoes. Topics of conversation included Tron, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Tesla, and charitable giving Sun said in on twitter.

Buffet on Blockchain, Bitcoin

Buffet’s take on blockchain was positive according to Sun. Buffet said he believes blockchain has “great potential” and that many of his portfolio companies like JPMorgan “are exploring it,” according to Sun’s tweet. “He is curious to see how #blockchain will play out in the payment industry in the next 10 yrs.”

As for Bitcoin, well, Buffet was apparently polite enough not to repeat his famous “rat poison squared” comment. Sun said Buffet believes Satoshi Nakamoto’s cryptocurrency “still needs a lot of work” to catch up to the value of blockchain.

“I told Mr. Buffett #Bitcoin is the currency for the next generation,” Sun tweeted. “Mr. Buffett smiled and said, ‘I’m sure my grandson would rather inherit my wealth in $USD.’”

Buffet also went thumbs down on Tesla, a company Sun said he began investing in as early as 2012. Buffet called Elon Musk a “great entrepreneur” but pointed out that Tesla is facing fierce competition from auto manufacturers with deep pockets, Sun added. 

While they discussed Tron, Sun did not comment on what Buffet said in that regard.

Buffet up 8,763%

What we do know is that Buffet’s Midas touch has not abandoned him. Aside from the enormous donation Sun made to the Glide Foundation charity Buffet has long supported, Buffet walked away with his birthday (Aug. 30, 1930) in TRX. That’s 1,930,830 TRX coins, worth nearly $44,000 at press time. (Going with “8” rather than “08” for August saved Sun almost $400,000, so we’ll give him a pass on fudging the date.)

Sun also gave Buffet a bitcoin (currently about $9,800, up 16% since he received it) and a pair of Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phones ($2,000 each) with a built in wallet that supports TRX as well as bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and klaytn (KLAY). That also held 100 BitTorrent (BTT–a Tron token) currently worth 4.5 cents, 100 tether stablecoins (USDT) worth $100, and 100 WinTokens (WIN), apparently worth… nothing. Also a bronze horse statue of undetermined value, as both he and Sun were born in the Chinese year of the horse. 

That’s about $53,900.04 on an investment of $615.05 (including $100 tip)  for the meal. That’s a profit of 8,763% for the Oracle of Omaha.

But, it did give Sun the opportunity to name-drop that he had lunch with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack two days earlier, so it seems the marketing bug hasn’t totally abandoned Sun.

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