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    These Are The Crypto Stories You Should Be Following Today: Crypto can help free the Black community from the power of the dollar; researchers discover Tron may not be a scam; Mike Novogratz just might suck; blockchain can strip bias from AI

    On a Juneteenth when the national dialog is dominated by #BlackLivesMatter, take a look at how “Bitcoin & Black America” author Isaiah Jackson thinks crypto can change his community. In the “keep an open mind” vein, researchers surprised themselves by finding Justin Sun’s Tron isn’t just legit, its ahead of 90% of the projects out there. Switching to keep an open jaw mode, after more than $350 million in losses over two years, Mike Novogratz says Galaxy Digital might “suck”—while sticking to his pro-Bitcoin guns. And if HAL had blockchain he might have opened the pod bay door on his own.

  • Crypto must-reads

    Crypto must-reads for June 18, 2020

    These are the crypto stories you should be following today: Metric shows Bitcoin price still undervalued; Wall Street skepticism greets WisdomTree’s ETF proposal; BTC demand surges among ‘bitcoin boomers’

    On the upside, an analysis says the price still has plenty of room to grow—which doesn’t mean a Bitcoin ETF is coming soon, despite efforts to tack one into a bigger commodities fund. One group that’s aggressively pursuing BTC gains is the over-55 crowd, who appear to be concerned that the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing—aka money printer go “Brrr”—may cause enough inflation to put their plans to snowbird in Tampa/St. Pete in jeopardy. On the downside, it’s looking like a $2 billion day for crypto crooks.

  • XRP is not a security
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    ‘Crypto Dad’ Chris Giancarlo: XRP is not a security

    The former Commodity Futures Trading Commission chair was a leading force in removing the scarlet ‘S’ from bitcoin and ether, and he remains influential. But making the same argument for XRP is weakened as his law firm works for Ripple

    Former Commodity Futures Trading Commission chair and “Crypto Dad” Chris Giancarlo argued forcefully in a June 17 column that XRP is not a security but a currency under U.S. law. That’s a huge, potentially life-or-death question for Ripple.

  • Bitcoin.com YouTube takedown

    Roger Ver-y angry over Bitcoin.com YouTube takedown

    Bitcoin Cash founder Roger Ver announced that his Bitcoin.com streaming video site would migrate to Lbry.tv after YouTube banned its channel for two days without explanation.

    In a video uploaded to Reddit’s r/BTC subreddit late Sunday night, Ver revealed that the day before, on June 13, YouTube had "banned the official Bitcoin.com YouTube channel, for basically no reason.”