• The Madison Blockchain Hackathon, 2018 (via MouseBelt).

    New Blockchain Education Alliance goal: Attracting top talent fresh out of school to blockchain

    Created by blockchain accelerator MouseBelt, the group has attracted partners like the Stellar Development Foundation and TRON.

    Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt announced it has joined with more than a dozen firms to create the Blockchain Education Alliance, aimed at attracting students to the industry.

  • Very unsuspicious man walking with a backpack by JPMorgan Chase's headquarters (via Shutterstock).
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    JPMorgan talks its new JPM Coin

    ConsenSys, Gemini, IBM, Axoni, Kadena, and Hedera Hashgraph also featured at Columbia University’s LedgerFest conference

    The fortuitous appearance of a member of JPMorgan’s Blockchain Strategy Team on the schedule for Columbia University’s LedgerFest conference on February 15th motivated us to duck out early from a different conference in midtown and make the trek up to Morningside Heights.

  • Hadera Hashgraph DJ
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    We went to the big Hadera Hashgraph party at SXSW so you wouldn’t have to

    At least Hedera Hashgraph isn’t in the party planning business

    How long are you willing to wait to get into a party? Unveiled this week as a paradigm shift in cryptocurrency technology, Hedera Hashgraph kept the publicity rolling with a party at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, on Friday afternoon. Curious crypto enthusiasts started forming a line outside the venue shortly before the posted 1 p.m. start time, but unknown technical or logistical issues kept the would-be attendees at bay for an additional 35 minutes. People were grumpy! No big deal—Hedera Hashgraph is in the cryptocurrency business, not the party planning business. When the crowd was finally let inside from the Texas heat, morale improved in no time. There…