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    Must-reads for August 6, 2018

    Here are the crypto stories you should be watching today

    Wells Fargo says hundreds of customers lost homes after computer glitch (CNN) One of the nation’s biggest mortgage lenders is under fire yet again. This time, it acknowledged that 625 people were kicked out of their home because Wells Fargo’s computers allegedly had a “glitch” (Ah, yes, the “dog ate my homework” excuse). Not indirectly related to blockchain, but crypto enthusiasts are collectively tut-tutting and saying “See? I told you so. This never would’ve happened with blockchain tech.”   Goldman Sachs Is Considering a Custody Offering for Crypto Funds (Bloomberg) Funds looking for a bank to hold their crypto may one day have Goldman Sachs as a custodian, according to…

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    Bank invests heavily in Coinbase, cancels customer accounts for using Coinbase

    ICO advisor and John McAfee’s partner in NoBSCrypto says Coinbase investor BBVA closed his accounts just for using Coinbase

    On April 6, when ICO advisor Chris Koerner logged on to see if his tenant had deposited a rent check, he was in for a rude awakening. Each of his five accounts had been emptied. The bank gave no warning or information, other than a call previously that month to ask him why he wanted to buy bitcoin. Koerner is a partner in NoBSCrypto, a successful coin rating group, with famed wildman crypto enthusiast and software tycoon John McAfee. The Dallas resident said that his bank, a local branch of the Spanish-based BBVA, gave no warning until an email told him that his account had been removed. It took four…