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    Cryptocurrency markets get a big slap in the face

    Tens of billions in value lost—here’s why

    The world’s crypto markets took a collective dive, and it all started while you were sleeping. The cross-currency crash began just after 4 a.m. on Wednesday, September 5, and it touched every token you can name. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is barely above $6,000. Ether is down 23 percent to $220. Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and Litecoin all took substantive hits. Even DogeCoin is down. Where Tuesday’s crypto market capitalization was around $240 billion, it was about $217 billion less than 24 hours later. So what’s the deal? There are two pieces of information to help us understand this drop. First, Goldman Sachs has downplayed its plans to…

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    Must-reads for August 27, 2018

    Here are the crypto stories you should be watching today

    This little-talked about correlation suggests bitcoin may end year ‘explosively higher’: Tom Lee (CNBC) Fundstrat’s Tom Lee may use shoddy analysis. He may even make absurd claims of bitcoin prices reaching $10 million in a couple of decades based on shockingly flimsy correlations between Millennial income power and the price of bitcoin over a few months during the bubble last year. But you know what he’s really, REALLY good at? Getting repeatedly booked on CNBC. On Friday, the former JP Morgan’s Chief Equity Strategist was at it again, this time spouting the idea that emerging markets may power BTC toward his $25,000 year-end price target, a prediction made earlier this…

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    Coinbase cautious after Bitcoin Cash accusations

    On heels of completed investigation, exchange indicates they’ll handle new coins differently

    Just before Coinbase formally added Bitcoin Cash () to its trading platform in December of last year, the price skyrocketed. Candles showing Bitcoin Cash’s price were tall and green. Rumors that someone inside Coinbase leaked the addition of the new coin to the trading platform—or that employees themselves were taking advantage of the chance to buy low—were rampant. Eight months later, Coinbase says their internal investigation into insider trading is complete. The company told Fortune they found no evidence of wrongdoing and did not terminate any employee as a result of their investigation. “We would not hesitate to terminate an employee or contractor and/or take appropriate legal action if evidence…

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    Luxury site Fancy leaves Coinbase for BitPay, adds Bitcoin Cash

    Cryptomillionaires can now buy $22,000 Hermès bags with either bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash

    “You need to check this out!” Seconds later, the first chords of the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” were blasting. The windowpanes were rattling. Little things that are usually found on desks were vibrating in a corner office in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. It was 10:35 a.m. on a summer Monday morning. Joseph Einhorn, CEO of Fancy, was showing me his favorite gadget. It was a Cotodama Lyric Speaker, about the size of an attaché case and mostly glass. It was shocking the glass wasn’t breaking even though my eardrums were on the verge of doing so. Then, as Sir Mick’s voice began to shout the first verse, the song’s lyrics…